While I still have standard references available upon request, I also wanted to include a page of quotes from folks I’ve worked with, and LinkedIn recommendations.

I work hard to be an enabler when it comes to creative endeavors; and I think some of my recommendations are good indicators of both the discipline and the talent I bring to the table.

“Jon is a heat seeking missile locked on the best possible product for the user. You may (foolishly) doubt his direction, you may (arbitrarily) disagree with him, but you will never dissuade him from delivering exactly what your user needs.” – Michael Martin, SVP, NBC Digital Product, Technology and Operations at NBCUniversal

“Jon was brought on to a high profile project for Riot Games as a showrunner. His years of experience in traditional broadcasting coupled with his expertise and awareness of the digital space helped us to deliver a highly polished production in a very short amount of time. A broadcast of this complexity would normally be developed in twice the amount of time that was alotted for this project. Jon not only met this challenge head on, but succeeded in raising the quality bar for eSports video production in a meaningful way.” – Matt West – (Head of Video Production – Riot Games)

“Jon adeptly guided us through the creation of new live-broadcast policies and best practices opening minds and educating key players at the company how best to execute our events. He pieced together a flawless show and executed with precision.” – Nicole Kittle (Video Production at Riot Games, 2012 League of Legends World Invitational)

“You made it easy for all of us.  You are a real pro….and a damn good guy.  Not a bad combination!” – Greg Dehart (Showrunner at Ellen Rakieten Entertainment, Monumental)

“Jon’s ability to juggle multiple tasks is mind boggling and awe inspiring. Nothing ever falls between the cracks when Jon’s in the lead. He’s incredibly dependable, resourceful and just plain fun to work with” – Jenny Chan (Production Coordinator at BET, The Family Crews Season 1, Sunday Best 3 – Nigeria, Almost Married)

“Jon is one of the most knowledgable people I’ve had the pleasure of working with. His work ethic is inspiring and his leadership, invaluable.” – Emily Conklin, Production Accountant at Juma Entertainment

“We gave Jon an impossible task… we have a shoot that’s not yet scheduled for a new show and we need a finished show 10 days from now, can you do it? Jon rolled with the punches and produced a top notch show on time… with bonus material. We were totally blown away by his resourcefulness and the ease at which he operated under pressure.” – Paul Gallagher (Director of Production: MyDamnChannel, Facetime)

“Jon has a lot of energy and creativity and works hard to deliver for his clients, even under difficult constraints.” – Mark Goldenson (CEO/Founder – Playcafe)

“It is always a pleasure working with Jon. He is a hard working creative individual. Jon’s style of honest, direct, no nonsense communication provides a platform for a strong working relationship and solid problem solving.” – Rick Nasch at the Production Group, Midnight Money Madness

“Jon is a excellent producer. He is honest and very easy to work with. His knowledge of software is amazing. It is rare to find someone that truly cares about his work and Jon does.” – Jodi Steagall at Axium International, Midnight Money Madness

“I worked with Jon on a couple of projects but one in particular which happened over a very short intensive period and Jon was an absolute delight to work with. Under high pressure always productive, fun and forward thinking in a period of massive change to our industry. – Pasa Mustafa as Head of Digital, Endemol UK