I’m More Creative Than You

Problem: I need to pay my bills and do so by doing creative work.

Solution: Convince as many people as I can how creative I am, so they might hire me to use my uber-creativity to help their a) product; b) lame ass tv show or movie or c) design a website – sometimes…

So now the problem is that I do get hired to do the creative work, and that’s well and good, but I find myself less and less inclined to walk around proclaiming how large my penis is and that it is bigger than any other penises in proximity.

I find myself more and more inclined to find ways to stand up, say what I think about things, and work with my usual work ethic, and if clients and potential clients are good with that, AND (and this is the tough one) I’m into whatever they want to do, and HOW they want to do it, then there’s a good match for creating great work.

It doesn’t even require a perfect storm for colloborative creationism – it simply requires people knowing what you’re about, and how you’re going to approach what they want you to do. It’s about creating your own personal brand, and finding an effective way to communicate it.