Watching it Happen

OK, while I’m not normally much of a TV watcher, I must admit that the casting decisions made for the new season of “The Apprentice” is brilliant.

And even in it’s first hour of “Street Smarts” vs. “Book Smarts” it’s clear that the book smart folk have been brought up believing that appearances are important, while the Street Smart folk are more intent on doing whatever it takes to get the job done.

Nothing is more tell-tale, and more inline with my current favorite creative work, Hugh MacLeod’s “How to Be Creative” than seeing all the silly ass college grads sitting around in a room after their loss and someone asking the group “well, how do we feel? what do we think” – which is the essence of his 8th Rule. “Team Players are not very good at creating value on their own. They are not autonomous; they need a team in order to exist.”

And we have reached the point in our society where it is more important to exist inside the team, and keep the status quo, rather than commit to something, anything and run the risk of being booted off the team.

Kind of a crock of shit, I think.