The Creative Side – for a change

While I mainly post about company things from big picture standpoints, and broad views of my industry, there’s a lot of things that I don’t generally post about. Mainly because they’re some of the things that *everyone* else in this godforsaken town proclaims as loudly as possible, and chat up in every circle (jerk) they can get themselves invited to (or crash).

At any rate, I’m going to drop myself to their level for just a minute, and say that while I’m still trying to find what’s going to pay my bills next, I’m enjoying the challenges of the two properties that I’m working on creatively right now.

The first, a script that I’ve mentioned once or twice before. The full 40-page treatment took about six weeks, and was pretty satisfactorily completed on July 15th. I began writing the actual script the next day, and as of today, 3 weeks later, I’ve written through page 56 and just finished the mid-act II climax – oddly enough, right about where it should be.

For a while, I was concerned there wouldn’t be enough material for a 110-ish page script. Now, I don’t think that’s going to be a problem. Just the rough scene and character descriptions for the rest of the as-yet-unwritten full scenes and dialog for the rest of the screenplay make it a 77 page document. It’s probably gonna need some editing (there’s a reason we call it a “first draft” right?). At any rate, I’m pretty dang pleased with it so far. We’ll see what other folks think in a few more weeks. It could conceivably suck big hairy goat balls. But I’m having fun writing it, so there.

On top of that, the television series I created has gone through a few very productive development meetings with a couple of my partners, and it’s very satisfying to make progress that other people confirm is good. Validation, Yay! Validation!

I must admit, I think it’s a damn good series concept, and could be an outstanding and timely show.

At any rate, now that I’ve stood on my swiss cheese box for a moment, I shall move on.

Thank you. Carry on.