Starting Up New Media Companies

Interesting post over at TLF about bands/musicians creating great content and bonding with their audience – which creates an amazing, immediate filter for the good and the bad.

The prescient point to make to my title above is this piece of the post:

There aren’t that many good bands out there. It doesn’t matter if you sell out or play for cred, if you suck, you’re not going to make it. But if you are good, manage your cred, and your mailing list. Pay attention to the bond with your fans, nurture it. People will do anything for you as long as you don’t trick them, if they believe in you. Have great music, create a fan base, and then collect the money. Yes, this does mean you’ll starve or leave money on the table at first. But if you give it away for free up front, or cheap, it’ll pay dividends later. This is the benefit of Arcade Fire staying indie, of having cheap shows, their fans love them. It’s more than the music. And it has to be more than the music to have longevity today.

Remember, bond first, money second.

Bonding comes by honest conversation, interest in listening to the other human beings who are listening to, watching or interacting with whatever you’re creating.

Of course, there’s a question of exactly *when* the money comes.