Intellectual Capital vs. Intellectual Property

Another little gem that came out of last nights meeting, was to hear the term “Intellectual Capital” used when referring to what it is that producers invest in their projects and bring to the table.

It also opened up a whole can of worms that I think I’m going to be delving into for some time to come.

As producers, we certainly DO invest our time, energy, creative talent and specific knowledge to each of our projects. Typically, we are investing many hours, weeks, months and often years in a project without any ongoing compensation for that investment.

This is a choice we gladly make, but when thinking in terms of the investment we each make, and then thinking about the “Work For Hire” contracts we so often are forced into it seems that we knowingly allow the financiers and distributors devalue our investments dramatically.

I hope the day comes when we as producers/directors/creative owners of our Intellectual Capital can work out more reasonable terms with the corporations who want to sell our work as their Intellectual Property.

Actually, I hope the day comes where our IC *never* becomes anyone elses IP.