More on Job Descriptions

As a follow-on to a post a day or so ago about accountability and job descriptions an interesting bit of conversation came up today with some folks at Paychex, who will probably be handling our payroll and human resources administration for Vino Veritas.

One of the key things they strongly recommend keeping in each employee’s personnel file is a printed and signed job description from the employee.

Primarily not to protect the employee or because it’s good management, but because it protects the company from employee lawsuits when a company is sued by a dismissed employee. If an employee has a clear job description, then there is an objective, established yardstick by which to measure performance.

Fire someone without a clear job description, for “not doing their job” and in most states today, the employer is in for a nasty ride trying to prove that they fired the employee with just cause.

Learn something new everyday. YAY!