Flashbacks & Flashforwards

A good friend of ours has scheduled a series of 80’s movies screenings at his home throughout the summer, and we love going.

The classic films we grew up with are always great to revisit. From Raiders of the Lost Ark, to the Goonies, and more – a lot of Spielberg and a lot of Lucas. It’s Flashback city.

As we continue to evolve what entertainment is, and the more I get into new media, the more quaint the storytelling structure of a traditional narrative film seems.

I’m coming to firmly believe that the film business is really missing the boat in just taking our old, tired, 2 hour passive story structures and the only thing “cutting edge” about them is either the visual effects, or in some cases, online sales or streaming of the same old format.

The storytellers of Hollywood really haven’t even begun to explore what new story structures we can create in the brave new world at our doorstep. But story format isn’t static; and there will be a new generation of storytellers who step forward in the years ahead to present formats that will be totally new, engaging, and groundbreaking.

I’m excited about the possibilities.