I Have Seen the Future of Storytelling

This post on TechCrunch shows video from a new 3d engine that does all it’s rendering in “the cloud” and provides for photoreal environments ostensibly to be used for gaming.

What I see in this demo video? I see shooting a scene on a deserted stretch of Pacific Coast Highway (as shown in the video) without the cost of police, shutting down the highway, all my lighting crew and camera crew and bringing in talent to do voices that are blithely happy they don’t have to sit through make up, sit through lighting changes, etc in order to act their roles.

With tools like this it won’t matter how much money you do or don’t have, it will matter how well you create characters, and write, and set up your shots to convey the emotions you want in your story.

This is my prognostication – OTOY, and cloud rendering that makes any photoreal environment available anytime for the purpose of telling story, will radically change our art.