Absolute Proof of how screwed up the stock market is.

Well, it’s official, the space-time continuum must be in complete ruins and dolphins everywhere must be close to packing their bags.

As of today, our little indie film “Family,” has returned all of its investors capital, plus 3.9%.

Granted, we didn’t spend much, but it was still a considerable amount, and the proof that the stock market is a mess?

If you had invested in the S&P; 500 in October of 2004 when we financed the bulk of the film, the S&P; 500 index was at 1,106.59. Today, at 893.07, you would have lost 19.3% on your investment. That makes a 3.9% positive return not look all too shabby, I suppose.

I never thought I’d see the day an indie film outperforms the stock market over a 5 year period. So, that said, if you’re considering an indie film investment, AND the filmmakers have a good plan for selling and marketing the film (DO YOUR DUE DILIGENCE!!!), then hey, maybe now isn’t a bad time to support an indie filmmaker.