A New Audience


How you doin’?

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted here.

I’ve been busy finding a new audience to connect with.

And Hollywood? I’m sorry, but I have to tell you, I’ve found someone else.  It’s not your fault, really; it’s mine.

I just couldn’t stand to be in a business with such an adversarial stance against it’s audience.

I always came at making media from two vantage points.  The first was that I wanted to make things that made it easier both for me to understand my fellow man, and for my fellow man to understand me (or whatever the theme was that attracted me to the media I was making).  The second was in delivering a given product to a distributor on time, on budget and with satisfying creative process, which was an elusive thrill.

It actually happened once or twice; but it’s rarity was frustrating and wrought with way too much time away from my family, way too many consecutive hours awake, and far too little opportunity to connect with my audience.

Oh, and Hollywood, I hate to tell you, but the other love I’ve found? It lives right next door, so you’ll probably be seeing me come and go, but we’ll try not to pay too much mind to each other, ok?

Because now I get to work on fashioning one more of the online video nails in your traditional media coffin.

We’re building a new kind of distribution network that actually helps content creators connect with their audiences and gives them new way of acknowledging and rewarding those who engage with their media.  We’re starting with videogame enthusiasts and their live video streams – and we think it’s going to be good.

I’m excited about giving those who share media with others a way to build an active feedback loop with their viewers, it’s a term we’re going to start calling User Generated Loyalty.

One of the other exciting things that comes with building a service for others to use?  I actually get to get out of the office and *go talk* with the community we wish to serve and ask them questions about what they want.  I get to see them get excited when we talk about what we’re doing.  It’s audience feedback at it’s finest and closest.  And even better is that we can adapt along the way.  We get to be Agile.

In film & tv – once it was done, it was done.  No continual tweaking.  No trying out of new things (unless you start a whole new project).  Traditional media is Waterfall Development at it’s absolute most wasteful.

If any of our mutual friends want to follow what I’m up to from here on out – feel free to check out our startup blog over at GxStream.  I’ll also be up to the occasional guest post over at Techdirt this year, so feel free to find me there too.

MPGStudios.com will live on – I’ll be happy to keep fielding the once-in-a-while request for mentoring or guidance in traditional media (even though most of my guidance consists of “run away as fast as you can.”), and Hollywood, maybe you and I will meet again one day, but just as friends.