Production Contact & Vendor Lists

Here’s a scenario; the person on your team driving the van or truck that has all your camera gear in it, breaks down on the side of the road.

You’re next steps as a Production Coordinator, or Production Manager, is going to be make sure everyone’s ok, then you’re going to need to call your rental truck company, get a new truck, etc.

As much as we’d like all of these numbers to be readily programmed into our phones or contact lists when a production starts, that’s simply not the reality of things.

So every time you spin up a production, someone on your team should be made keeper (and keeper-up-to-dater) of all relevant contact information for production team members, and all vendors (including #’s to call in case of an accident in a rental vehicle).

I also like to add in alt means of contact such as Skype or Google Voice where relevant.

Here’s a simple sheet to do just that.

Blank Media Production Contacts & Vendor List (Excel .xls file)

Blank Media Production Contacts & Vendor List (Google Doc)

Additional note: There are individual worksheets for Crew, Cast, Network (or Distributor), and Vendors:) Just look for the tabs at the bottom.