Solitude was my first feature film as a Producer.

Working with writer/directors Pi Ware & Susan Kraker, I was brought in towards the end of principal photography, staying on through development and shooting of additional pickup scenes, as well as shepherding through a year of post-production.  With subsequent festival runs and eventual sale to Indican, we had some phenomenal talent on this film.

Through my work in Post at New Line Cinema, we were fortunate enough to gain significant support from Soundeluxe, and world class sound designer Mark Stoeckinger, as well as from Wilshire Stages and amazing re-recording mixer, Leslie Shatz.

The outstanding sound on the film really taught us that the audience is always very adaptable to less-than-ideal images, as long as the story, the characters, and the sound are great.

We garnered some very good critical coverage of the film, and were eventually lucky enough to be a part of the GenArt Film Festival in New York in 2002, and AFI Fest the same year.  You can rent or buy this through by clicking here!