Camera Assessment Series BTS

This trailer introduces a large-scale digital cinema camera test that was shoot in January 2009 on the Universal Backlot.

Myself and PGA colleague Michael Shores produced the documentary footage for the shoot, in addition to being a small part of the test production.

I wrote the format and questions that were asked of each person in each step of the prep, shoot, and post processes of each camera, as well as providing all the equipment (9 matched camera and audio packages) and working to staff, schedule, and coordinate the 9 field teams shooting the documentary. I also wrote Morgan Freeman’s VO for this trailer (which was unfortunately recorded in his office).

With over 100 hours of footage shot, and all-volunteer staff – the project took over 18 months to finish (part of that “Good/Fast/Cheap – Pick Any Two” equation I reference from time to time). While I cannot embed the camera test results here due to some rights issues, I am embedding the stuff I produced.

Camera Prep
Dailies Workflow
Location 1 – Jaw Lake – Dawn
Location 2 – Int. Living Room – Night
Location 3 – Int. Garage Workshop
Location 4 – Int. Living Room – Day
Location 5 – Ext. Picket Fence – Day
Location 6 – Ext. Park – Dusk

I’ll finally be posting a more detailed blog post about the actual test results in the near future.