The Girls of Hedsor Hall

Since I’d rather not spread around trash tv any more than I have to, I figure I’ll just share a behind-the-scenes video I shot and edited during principal photography.  The crew on the show went above and beyond over the course of this very difficult international shoot.

I served as Line Producer on the series; and here’s a few fun facts about the house-challenge-reality show.

Our tech team ran over 5 miles of cable in our primary location, over the course of just 4 days pre-shoot.  We shipped 189 cases of gear 7000 miles.  We had nine primary cameras, 6 robotics, snoop mics, and 20+ channels of audio to chase.  We had a rotating crew of over 200, 24-hour a day teams of security, story producers, and production support.

Thankfully, we all made it through and chalked up the experience.

I know the video says it too, but one more time for all the staff on the show that worked really hard to be the best they could be at what they do, “thank you” for all your hard work.